Semantics Year 5/6 Bundle

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This bundle comprises all three Semantics Year 5-7 Workbooks, and provides exercises for practising the recognition, spelling and use of synonyms, antonyms and homonyms. It helps develop spelling and vocabulary expertise and boosts comprehension, word power and creative writing skills.

The Semantics series helps prepare children for the GL Assessment and CEM 11+ exams, SATs, CATs, the Northern Ireland Transfer Test, Common Entrance and scholarship examinations for independent schools, and all other styles of verbal reasoning/ability and English tests.

Answers, Progress Charts and a Certificate of Achievement are included at the end of every book.

All our materials have been rigorously classroom tested. The methodologies have been successfully used in AE Tuition classes for over 20 years.


  • Fun crossword exercises
  • Missing word (cloze) exercises
  • Teaches 1,620 synonyms, antonyms and homonyms
Books in this series

Topics covered

Semantics Year 5-7 Workbook 1 - Synonyms

Teaches 460 Synonyms

Semantics Year 5-7 Workbook 2 - Antonyms

Teaches 460 Antonyms

Semantics Year 5-7 Workbook 3 - Homonyms

Teaches 700 Homonyms (Homophones & Homographs)

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