NI Transfer Tests

What are the Northern Ireland Transfer Tests?

There are two main types of transfer test in Northern Ireland:

The AQE test, also called Common Entrance Assessment (CEA), consists of three papers covering maths and English. Each child sits two or three papers, and their overall score is compiled from their two highest scoring papers.

The GL Assessment test consists of two multiple-choice papers – one English and one maths.

How AE Publications can help

Our maths and English ranges will help give your child a firm foundation in preparation for the Northern Ireland Transfer Tests. This will also benefit them in readiness for their transition to secondary school, giving them confidence in their ability within these core areas.

Although the Northern Ireland Transfer Tests are taken in year 6, children of lower years can use these ranges to get a head start and complement what they are being taught in the classroom. It is never too to highlight any areas of difficulty and fix these problems.

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