Tutors are highly valued by AE Publications (AEP). Our range of titles has grown from the need of AE Tuition, our sister company, to have good quality educational material.

With the AE Tuition Centres achieving a success rate of around 85% when using AEP workbooks, testbooks and testpacks, we know that the resources we have created can help you to achieve similar results with your students.

We have books available in all year groups across all subjects to help you build a complete scheme of work.

We help tutors’ businesses to thrive!

AE Publications understands the amount of time it takes to run a tutoring business. For each pupil you enrol, the more admin you will have to undertake to support your business. Taking on new pupils should mean reaping the benefits, not worrying about the additional workload.

AE Publications gives you more time to do what you enjoy and excel at – tutoring!

Our books take care of the lesson planning for you. They are designed for children in school years 3-7, to support them for a whole academic year. By using AE Publications’ books, less planning is required to help your pupils reach their full potential.

Why you should choose AE Publications’ materials for your tutoring business.

  • You will benefit from our 20 years’ experience of publishing ‘how-to’ books
  • Our range is suitable for a variety of educational needs: preparing pupils for 11+ exams and SATs, and general support in
  • English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning
  • All material is classroom tested
  • Our range includes workbooks, testbooks and testpacks covering all of your students’ needs
  • The structure of our workbooks aids lesson planning
  • A competitive discount structure is offered to tutors

Before you invest in our books, claim your free Workbook 1 by using promo code TUTORINTRO on our website.* Once you have tried them, register as a tutor on our website and start benefiting from our competitive tutor discount scheme:

*Terms and conditions:
Once the order is place, AE Publications may contact you to ask for proof of the tutor business (e.g. website address or advert advertising the tutor business). If proof cannot be provide the order may be cancelled.

Tutor Discount Scheme

We offer a competitive tutor discount scheme. Register as a tutor to benefit from these discounts, which will be automatically applied to your order:

Order Value Applicable Discount
£15-£50                        Free Postage and Packaging
£51-£150                       10% & free P&P
£151-£350                    15% & free P&P
£351-£750                    20% & free P&P
£751-£1,000                25% & free P&P
£1,001-£1,500             30% & free P&P
£1,501 and above        35% & free P&P

Classroom Tested

Quality Assured
All our material has been classroom tested in the AE Tuition Centres, giving you reassurance of its quality.