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Our books help you support your child at home

Dr Stephen Curran devised his books to be used at home. We do not advocate simply giving a child a workbook or testbook and just ‘leaving them to get on with it’. We encourage parents to sit down with their children and work through the workbooks with them. Not only does this encourage the child to do the extra work at home, it also helps parents to monitor their child’s progress and help them pick up areas and skills where they are not as strong. This helps parents to know what areas need more work before moving on to the next level.

How AE Publications can help you

Our books not only support a child through this process, but also give parents the means to help their child. For example, parents often comment on how they have either forgotten the maths they learnt at school, or they did not learn maths the way their children are taught in school. They have said that maths scares them and they do not feel able to help their child when they are stuck on a maths problem.

The new Maths National Curriculum has a systematic and organised approach which goes back to the way maths used to be taught within the schooling system. The AE Publications maths workbooks have always been based on this more logical, systematic approach to learning maths and are ‘how-to’ books that teach children the information that needs to be understood, shows them the technique that should be mastered, and gives them exercises to practise the technique they have learnt.

Many of the parents who have worked with their children through our maths workbooks tell us that, not only are they able to help their children through any of the maths problems they then come up against, but they are also picking up the same maths skills that their children have acquired. Some of these parents even say this is helping them in their own day-to-day jobs and activities.

This formula of providing information, techniques and exercises is carried through all our workbooks across all subjects, thus making it simple for parents to work through topics that are unfamiliar to them.

Home Education

All our books are ideal for use in the home and can provide a complete programme of study.

Exam Preparation

Please see our 11+, SATs and Independent/Common Entrance sections for exam specific preparation.

Improving Grades

All of our Key Stage 2 materials can benefit children in years 3-6 and help them gain confidence in their skills.