What are the SATs?

SATs are compulsory tests set by the government for year 6 pupils. The results of these tests indicate the strengths and weaknesses of each child and their knowledge of what they have been taught in school.

The SATs test a child’s ability in English reading, grammar, punctuation and spelling, and maths. They comprise six exam papers: a reading paper, a spelling, grammar and punctuation paper, a spelling test and three maths papers.

The results are scaled to provide guidance on whether a child is performing at the national standard, or above or below it.

How AE Publications can help

Our maths and English ranges will help give your child a firm foundation in preparation for their SATs. This will also benefit them in readiness for their transition to secondary school, giving them confidence in their ability within these core areas.

Although the SATs are taken in the spring of year 6, children in lower years can use these series to get a head start and complement what they have been taught in the classroom. It is never too early to highlight any areas of difficulty and fix these problems. The series can also be used as extension work for a child who needs to be further challenged.

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