11+ Non-verbal Reasoning Year 4/5 Workbook 2

Non-verbal Reasoning Technique

School Year

Year 4

Age Range


ISBN: 9781910106686

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This workbook teaches non-verbal reasoning technique for components, odd one out, codes, analogies, similarities, series and matrices. Each technique has a clear explanation, with a worked example, followed by plenty of practice questions. The workbook also teaches multiple-choice technique for answering non-verbal reasoning questions.

The 11+ Non-verbal Reasoning series covers non-verbal reasoning technique for the GL Assessment and CEM 11+ exams, CATs, Common Entrance and scholarship examinations for independent schools, and all other styles of non-verbal reasoning test.

This series of books is designed to be used in sequence from Workbook 1 onwards. The workbook series is complemented by the testbook that reinforces a child’s non-verbal reasoning technique and knowledge, and the testpack for exam preparation.

Answers, Progress Charts and a Certificate of Achievement are included at the end of every book.

All our materials have been rigorously classroom tested. The methodologies have been successfully used in AE Tuition classes for over 20 years.


  • Information, technique & exercises
  • Teaches NVR multiple-choice technique
  • Excellent foundation for all styles of NVR tests
Books in this series

Topics covered

Elements; Movements; Manipulations; Patterns; Layering

Components; Odd One Out; Codes; Analogies; Similarities; Series; Matrices; Revision

Three-dimensional Rotation; Viewer Rotation; Rotational ViewThree-dimensional Rotation; Viewer Rotation; Rotational View

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