About AE Publications

Passionate about education, beyond just preparing students for exams.

AE Publications began developing learning resources in 1999 and specialises in preparing pupils for 11+ exams and SATs.

The founder of AE Publications, Dr Stephen Curran, started creating, developing and publishing his own ‘how-to’ material for use within his tuition classes. As the number of books grew he decided to publish them for wider use. There are now over 100 books in the range and these are constantly being improved to meet the needs of parents, tutors, children and changing exam board requirements. New books are continuously being added to the range to ensure that all 11+ preparation requirements are covered.

Dr Curran has many years’ teaching experience in both the primary and secondary sectors. He founded AE Tuition which runs 11+ and SATs courses for children in Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning, English and Science.

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Our Range

Our range includes workbooks, testbooks and testpacks. These prepare children from year 3 to year 7 for many different types of exam.

Our History

Over the course of 20 years of writing and publishing, our range has grown to over 100 titles. See our journey.

Charity Work

For every book sold, AE Publications is makes a donation to a charity working with less-fortunate communities in India.

Our Customers


Our books are designed to help you support your child at home.


AEP books have a success rate of 85% when used at the AE Tuition centres.


Material to enhance and reinforce classroom learning.