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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the answers in the books?

Yes. The answers are included with each workbook, testbook and testpack, with the exception of the Creative Writing series as these answers are individual to each child. Progress charts and a certificate of achievement are also included.

How long should it take to complete each workbook, testbook or testpack?

Ideally, we would recommend completing each workbook, testbook or testpack series within one school year. However, it is possible to complete them in a shorter period. The mega bundles are designed to provide a full year’s worth of material.

Do you have a catalogue of all your book titles?

An electronic PDF copy of our catalogue is available here.

Can I purchase an electronic version of your books?

Our materials are not available in an electronic format, only as hard-copy books.

How often is your material revised?

We are regularly updating and revising our books to ensure your child or student is prepared for the most recent version of the exams. The bundles are therefore subject to change without prior notice.

Do you sell workbooks, testbooks or papers by other publishers?

No. We currently only sell our own material on this website. We also own the rights and licences for IPS and EPEG books. These books are available for purchase on the AE Publications website and we will gradually be integrating these titles into our range of books.

Are the maths workbooks ordered according to level of difficulty or by topic?

The maths workbooks are arranged in order of topic. This is a traditional approach to teaching maths. Children move through the topics in sequence and each skill that is learnt builds on the skills already acquired. We therefore recommend that the series is worked through in its entirety. Please refer to the individual product pages for more information on the topics covered in each workbook.

Which Spelling & Vocabulary workbook should my child start with?

The Spelling & Vocabulary series provides a complete and comprehensive course building a child’s spelling and vocabulary expertise. Working through the series will give your child a working vocabulary of more than 5,400 words. This series of books is designed to be used in sequence and is divided into three levels: Foundation (Workbooks 1-3) for children aged 7 to 9 Intermediate (Workbooks 4-7) for children aged 8 to 10 Advanced (Workbooks 8-12) for children aged 9 to 11. We recommend older children who face challenges in spelling and vocabulary work from Workbook 1 to ensure that there are no gaps in their understanding and their skills are built progressively. Although the Foundation Workbooks 1-3 may appear too basic for year 5 children, they do contain 1,380 of the total words to be learnt. Children with more developed skills could begin with the Intermediate or Advanced series. To help you decide which workbooks you feel would suit your child, a word list for each workbook is included on the product pages. We advise that each level is completed over the course of one school year.