AE Tuition

Frequently Asked Questions

Which books are used in the AE Tuition Centre in Slough for Year 5? Could I have a list of them?

AE Publications is not involved in the purchase of other books for the courses at the AE Tuition Centres and we are, therefore, unable to advise you on that matter. However, we do know that they would not disclose a list to anyone who is not on a course.

My child will be starting a course with AE Tuition. Should I buy these books, or will they be supplied as part of the course material?

All AET courses are fully supplied with AE Publications workbooks and testbooks, so there is no need to purchase them yourself.

Do the books deliver the same success rate as attending classes?

Our workbooks and testbooks are of a very high standard. However, we cannot control how thoroughly a parent works through the material with their child, or if they leave the child to work through it alone.