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This bundle comprises all maths and English workbooks and testbooks for the P6-Y8 Northern Ireland Transfer Test preparation. The workbooks contain techniques, worked examples and plenty of practice questions. The testbooks provide extra practice for the techniques in the workbooks.

The Key Stage 2 series covers maths and English technique for the Northern Ireland Transfer Test, SATs, CATs, Common Entrance and scholarship examinations for independent schools, and all other styles of school entry test.

The workbooks are designed to be used in sequence from Workbook 1 onwards.

The testbooks are designed to be used in conjunction with the workbooks as an additional learning tool.

After completing this bundle, the maths and English testpacks should be used for final exam preparation. The testpacks are not included in this bundle and must be purchased separately.

Answers, Progress Charts and a Certificate of Achievement are included at the end of every book.

All our materials have been rigorously classroom tested. The methodologies have been successfully used in AE Tuition classes for over 20 years.


  • Complete Northern Ireland Transfer Test preparation series
  • Contains all Northern Ireland Transfer Test appropriate workbooks and testbooks for years P6-Y8
  • Workbooks and testbooks to be used simultaneously
Books in this series

Topics covered

11+ Maths Year 5-7 Workbook 1

Basic Number; Number Relationships; Decimals

11+ Maths Year 5-7 Workbook 2

Fractions; Money and Costs; Measurement; Averages; Bases

11+ Maths Year 5-7 Workbook 3

Percentages; Ratio and Proportion

11+ Maths Year 5-7 Workbook 4

Probability; Lines and Angles; Time; Symmetry; Shapes

11+ Maths Year 5-7 Workbook 5

Perimeter, Area & Volume; Geometry; Tables, Charts, Graphs & Diagrams

11+ Maths Year 5-7 Workbook 6


11+ Maths Year 5-7 Workbook 7

Mathematical Instruments; Revision of all Topics

11+ Maths Year 5-7 Testbook 1

40 Standard 15 Minute Tests

11+ Maths Year 5-7 Testbook 2

40 Standard 15 Minute Tests

11+ Maths Year 5-7 Testbook 3

40 Standard & Multiple-choice 6 Minute Tests

11+ Maths Year 5-7 Testbook 4

10 Standard & Multiple-choice 35 Minute Tests

Spelling & Vocabulary Workbook 8

Teaches Words 3,221-3,660

Spelling & Vocabulary Workbook 9

Teaches Words 3,661-4,100

Spelling & Vocabulary Workbook 10

Teaches Words 4,101-4,540

Spelling & Vocabulary Workbook 11

Teaches Words 4,541-4,980

Spelling & Vocabulary Workbook 12

Teaches Words 4,981-5,420

English Comprehension Year 5/6 Workbook 1

Basic Approaches to Text; Probing the Text; Analysing Prose; Analysing Poetry; Comprehension Questions

Semantics Year 5-7 Workbook 1 - Synonyms

Teaches 460 Synonyms

Semantics Year 5-7 Workbook 2 - Antonyms

Teaches 460 Antonyms

Semantics Year 5-7 Workbook 3 - Homonyms

Teaches 700 Homonyms (Homophones & Homographs)

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