KS2 Creative Writing Year 6 Bundle

Short Story Writing (6 Books)

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Year 5-7

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This bundle comprises all six KS2 Creative Writing Year 6 Workbooks, and teaches creative writing, grammatical and syntactical technique. Each technique has a clear explanation, with worked examples, followed by plenty of writing exercises.

The Creative Writing series provides a complete and comprehensive course in creative writing. It prepares children for 11+, 12+ and 13+ state grammar entrance, Common Entrance and scholarship examinations for independent schools.

This series of books is designed to be used in sequence from Workbook 1 onwards. A child should work through the exercises in each section and then apply the principles and techniques they have learnt in a draft of their own story. By the end of the course, children will have produced two drafts for each of their six original stories.

A Score Chart and Certificate of Achievement are included at the end of every book.

All our materials have been rigorously classroom tested. The methodologies have been successfully used in AE Tuition classes for over 20 years.


  • Complete creative writing series
  • Teaches short story writing
  • Develops writing skills and enhances creativity
Books in this series

Topics covered

KS2 Creative Writing Year 6 Workbook 1

Story Starting Points; Literary Devices

KS2 Creative Writing Year 6 Workbook 2

The Five Elements of Story; Story Dialogue

KS2 Creative Writing Year 6 Workbook 3

Voicing Your Story; The Six Facets of Character

KS2 Creative Writing Year 6 Workbook 4

Grammatical Devices; The Seven Structure Steps

KS2 Creative Writing Year 6 Workbook 5

More Literary Devices; The Story Climax

KS2 Creative Writing Year 6 Workbook 6

More Grammatical Devices; Subplots and Plot Endings; Story Starters

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