IPS 11+ Verbal Reasoning Method & Technique

A Guide for Parents and Pupils


ISBN : 9780954285326
Exams 11+ GL AssessmentIndependent / Common Entrance
School Year Year 5-7
Age Range 9-12

This book includes ideas and explanations of verbal reasoning methods and techniques that can be applied in order to successfully complete the majority of verbal reasoning tests used for secondary school selection.

Full Description

This book comes with three dual format 11+ practice examination papers and complements the sets of 11+ practice papers. It covers over 20 types of the most frequently used verbal reasoning questions in the 11+ exam.


  • Includes HIKNOS questions
  • Guide for parents and pupils
  • Method & technique

I bought the Semantics bundle for my daughter and it was well worth the money.

It’s the first 11plus workbook that she is keen to do!


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