Grammar School Appeals Handbook


ISBN : 9781904257721
School Year Year 5-7P6-Y8
Age Range 9-12

This handbook provides guidance on the grammar school appeals’ procedure and covers the following topics:

  • Appeals’ procedures
  • Structuring your grounds for appeal
  • Actual appeal examples
  • Taking your appeal further

Full Description

Note from the author – Dr Stephen Curran:

This book arose out of the many consultations I have had over the years with parents whose children have not been successful in the 11+ examination. All grammar schools throughout the country have appeals’ procedures. The prospect of preparing an appeal is often a daunting and difficult task and many parents do not know how to do it. As a result, I have often become involved in helping parents with the composition and presentation of their written appeal, as this is crucial for success.

This book gives parents practical advice gained over many years and real examples of appeals (names have been omitted). A well-written ‘grounds for appeal’ that is clear and concise gives parents the best chance of winning their appeal when facing the appeals’ committee.

By using the format outlined in this book, many parents have won their appeal and their child has gained admission into a grammar school.


  • 11+, 12+ and 13+ appeals
  • Contains examples of real appeals
  • Guidance for structuring your own appeal

AE books are very useful to both parents and children. The Maths books are easy to understand and they are self-explanatory. As a parent, I found it easy to teach Maths to my child very easily. Also in English, the crosswords are interesting and have levels to progress.

Kamalini Somalinga,