11+ Maths Year 4/5 Testbook 1


Age: 8-10 years

Key Stage: KS2 Above national standard

ISBN: 9781910106471

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Numerical Reasoning Standard 15 Minute Tests

This book contains tests on the following topics: •

Basic Number •, Number Relationships, Decimals, Basic Number, •Number Relationships, •Decimals, •Fractions, •Money and Costs, Measurement, •Averages, •Percentages, •Lines and Angles, •Time, •Symmetry,• Shapes, •Perimeter and Area • Tables, Charts, Graphs and Diagrams.

These tests extend children’s learning beyond their expected age-related National Curriculum levels. The testbook provides practice for GL Assessment, CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring) and all other styles of mathematical tests.

The testbooks are designed to be used in conjunction with our 11+ Maths workbooks as an additional learning tool. During an intense learning phase children also improve their mathematics skills through a testing process, provided that the main emphasis is focused on acquiring techniques from our workbooks. The tests are not exclusively book specific but they are progressive and give extra practice in most of the techniques contained in the Maths workbooks. Each test should take about 15 minutes, however it is more important that a child completes the test accurately and does not rush their answers. Children will speed up naturally with practice. Answers, Progress Charts and a Certificate of Achievement are included at the end of every book.

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