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Accelerated Education Publications is passionate about education, beyond just preparing students for their 11+ exams.

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Our range of ‘how-to’ workbooks, testbooks and testpacks are suitable for home tutoring by parents and tutors who want to see their child’s or students’ performance in maths, English, verbal activity and non-verbal reasoning measurably improve.

Our books provide an educational toolkit to work through with your child at home or as part of a tutoring programme. The pages bring to life the methodologies and techniques which have been honed at the successful AE Tuition Centres. Around 85% of the pupils who attend a course at the tuition centres achieve a grammar school or independent school place of their choice and most of them achieve above the national standard in their SATs.

Our books are suitable for children in the primary and early secondary school age groups and help to prepare them for:

11 plus success motif

• Centre for Evaluations and Monitoring (CEM) 11+ exams

• Granada Learning (GL Assessment) 11+ exams

• Consortium for Selective Schools in Essex (CSSE) 11+ exams

 • Northern Ireland Transfer Tests – Post Primary Transfer Consortium (PPTC) and Association for Quality Education (AQE) exams

 • Common Entrance and scholarship exams for independent schools

 • Cognitive Abilities Tests (CATs)

 • Key Stage 2 SATs


Every book is developed, written and produced by Accelerated Education staff. Before being released for sale to the public, each book is classroom tested and reviewed by the staff and pupils at the tuition centres. This ensures the content is at an appropriate level for each year group and suitable for exam preparation.

We are regularly revising, updating and adding to our range of workbooks, testbooks and testpacks to reflect any changes made to the way children are assessed by each exam board. Books can be purchased individually, as subject sets and as bundles suitable for specific subjects, ages or exam boards.

How our books work:


Each workbook and testbook series starts at book 1 with more basic skills, and systematically progresses by skill level. Your child or student should start at the beginning of Workbook 1 and work through a series in order. Even if the information and techniques seem easy, it is important to reinforce the basics before progressing to more advanced content later in the series.

rangeOur ‘how to’ workbooks are step-by-step guides that will take you and your child through:

• Information that should be understood

• Techniques that need to be mastered

• Exercises to practise the techniques


Our testbooks should be used alongside the workbooks, as they reinforce the techniques learnt in the workbooks.


The testpacks should be used as part of the final exam preparation and can be used to test learning progress during the year.

testpacksrangeThey are available by exam board:

GL Assessment style testpacks are represented by letter A and have blue folders.

CEM style testpacks are represented by the letter B and have red folders.

Visit our testpacks product page for more information about the contents of each set.

Age Ranges:

clown ringmaster magician

Our main focus is producing books for students in years 5-7 (P6-Y8) as preparation for sitting the 11+ exams. All subjects are available within each year group as workbooks, testbooks or testpacks.

We do, however, believe that children should start building their knowledge and understanding of techniques within each subject area at an earlier age. We, therefore have workbooks and testbooks available for year 3/4 (P4/5) and year 4/5 (P5/6).

Each year group is represented by a specific character. These are easy to spot within the front cover image. The year group is also clearly marked within the arrowhead in the top left-hand corner of each workbook, testbook and testpack.

Year 5-7 (P6–Y8) is our magician, year 4/5 (P5/6) is our ringmaster and year 3/4 (P4/5) is our clown.



Our English series is brought to life by our very own Kate, Oliver and Dickens characters. They help illustrate the skills and techniques being learnt by the child within each book. Subjects within our English series include creative writing, spelling and vocabulary, comprehension and semantics.

timestablesAlex, another of our specialist characters, is used solely for our Times Tables workbooks.





valetters nvr maths

Our Verbal Activity series (which covers both verbal reasoning and verbal ability) uses letters within the cover image.

Our Non-verbal Reasoning series uses shapes within each cover image.

Our Maths series uses numbers within each cover image.

Sets, Bundles and IPS/EPEG books:


Our books are available to purchase as sets. The sets include workbooks, testbooks or testpacks within each subject and age range. All sets are sold at a discounted rate compared with purchasing the same books individually.

Visit our sets product page for more information about the contents of each set.



year_3_full_bundleFor your convenience, we have bundled together workbooks and testbooks that are suitable for specific subjects, ages or exam boards. Each bundle is sold at a discounted rate compared with purchasing these same books individually, and provides a complete package for exam preparation.

Testpacks are not included within the bundles but may be purchased separately or as sets.

We are regularly updating and revising our books to ensure your child or student is prepared for the most recent version of the exams. The bundles are therefore subject to change without prior notice.

Visit our bundles product page for more information about the contents of each bundle.



11 Plus Full setThe previous owner of IPS (Internet Primary School) & EPEG (Eleven Plus Exams Group) was no longer able to continue the business. We saw the withdrawal of this material as detrimental to the marketplace and have, therefore, purchased both IPS & EPEG with the objective of continuing to keep these high quality resources available to all. This material is available to purchase on our website and is gradually being integrated into the range of Accelerate Education books.