Introducing Asha, our charity partner

Date posted
18 May 2016

AE Publications makes a donation from every book sold to Asha, a charity that works to help improve the lives of the urban poor in India.

‘Asha’, which means ‘hope’ in Hindi, gives hope to people living in slum areas by allowing them to realise their potential, regardless of their background, caste or religious beliefs. Asha works within slums to help communities tackle the multitude of problems they face on a daily basis by improving access to healthcare, financial services and education.

Asha was founded in 1988 by Dr Kiran Martin after she heard about a cholera outbreak in a Delhi slum and decided to use her talents in the field of medicine to save lives there. From these beginnings, Asha has grown into a charity that now works with over 500,000 people in more than 60 slum colonies, and AE Publications wants to help Asha achieve even more in the years to come.

After seeing first-hand the work of Asha in the slums of India, AE Publications’ founder, Dr Stephen Curran, formed a partnership with the charity that sees money from every book sold by AEP donated to projects run by the charity.

The money that AE Publications is currently donating to Asha is being used to fund the East Delhi River Bed Slum Development Programme. Currently, this slum community suffers from a lack of basic amenities such as clean drinking water, electricity, healthcare services and sanitation. The new programme, funded by AE Publications, will implement a health programme in this slum community to help improve the quality of life of the 15,000 residents who live there. The focus of the programme is to introduce a health service for new-born babies and their mothers, and to fight the preventable and treatable diseases that blight the lives of those living in the slum.

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