Budget cuts could be affecting your child’s education

Date posted
25 Jul 2019

Schools are facing increasing pressures with budget and time constraints. Each week, we hear more stories in the media about the negative impact these are having on schools across the country, e.g. support staff are being made redundant and less money is available for the basic tools required to run a school (books, stationery, tables and chairs, etc.).

Where does this leave children?
If these cuts happen in primary schools, they can have a knock-on effect when pupils reach secondary school. For your child to succeed in secondary education, it is absolutely essential that they are proficient in English and maths, as these subjects are the foundations for every other subject. Numeracy skills are needed for physics, chemistry, computing and design and technology. English skills are required for geography, history, religious studies, modern foreign languages and many other subjects in the curriculum. Gaps in the early years of education can lead to larger holes in learning later on, which can cause, frustration, demotivation, and lowering of confidence.

What can parents do?
The budget cuts are not showing any signs of declining. Many teaching professionals and parents are campaigning for additional funding and increased budgets, but children need support now. If you are concerned or know that your child needs extra support, we recommend taking action by furthering their education at home.

AE Publications offers affordable teaching methods through its range of ‘how-to’ workbooks, testbooks and testpacks, to assist parents in supporting their children at home. The books are ideal to complement children’s school education;, even in a busy family environment, work can be scheduled around the family timetable.

AEP books, consolidate children’s learning in the core areas of English and mathematics. The English series covers syntax, spelling, comprehension and writing skills, and the Maths series includes all national curriculum topics.

The AEP range is designed to support everyone; should parents lack confident in certain topics, our ‘how-to’ approach provides clear explanations on every topic. This allows parents to support their child, whilst working alongside them, to reach their full potential in the classroom.

To find out more about using AEP books to further your child’s education at home, visit our website: aepublications.co.uk