Why AEP have changed their Verbal Reasoning series of workbooks to Verbal Activity?

Date posted
21 Oct 2014

We have decided to add three more workbooks to our original series of verbal reasoning workbooks. Workbooks 1 and 2 will still cover all the techniques required for the GL Assessment verbal reasoning exam and workbooks 3 and 4 (which are completely new) will embrace the technique necessary for the CEM verbal ability exam. Workbooks 5 and 6 will give further practice in GL Assessment style techniques (some of which are relevant to the CEM exam) and workbook 7 (yet to be published) will give more practice in CEM style questions and other styles of verbal reasoning.

It was decided to rename the whole series ‘Verbal Activity’ as, in AEP’s opinion, verbal activity as an expression should also cover what is meant by verbal reasoning. The fact that CEM misleadingly use this term to only refer to English skills does not stop AEP using it to mean what it ought to mean. It should describe conventional verbal reasoning skills and verbal skills that also require an extensive knowledge of English.

Our series of workbooks is the only comprehensive series that fully covers all the techniques required for both the GL Assessment and the CEM 11+ exams. If a child works through the whole series of workbooks they will have equipped themselves with all the necessary skills for these exams. It is also helpful for a child to work through all our spelling and vocabulary workbooks and the semantics series of workbooks in order to build up their English skills. We are also publishing a series of comprehension workbooks that will be excellent preparation for the CEM 11+ exam.