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“As a parent supplementing my child's education with support at home, I rely on these totally to teach her. It helps that answers are provided at the back so marking work is effortless and quick." close quote


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Every day we learn 40 new words, and even though some of them I already know, the ones which I don’t really help me, so I try using them in everyday life. close quote

Arken, Age 10

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am so pleased with your Maths workbooks. I used some of the books on my Summer Holiday Courses, and have also been trialling them during the first half of this term. The TESTBOOKS I have found particularly useful. They take about 10 minutes to complete, so can be fitted in as a warm-up or conclusion to a lesson. They gradually 'introduce' new topics, so that the learning 'builds'. I am constantly asked by parents for books I would recommend for them to use at home, and these would fit the bill perfectly. I am impressed how the WORKBOOKS cover every conceivable topic relevant for 11+, Common Entrance and Key Stage 2. I would recommend these to parents who are Home Tutoring as they are very comprehensive. close quote

Mr Simon Brown, Maths Tutor

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I find the VR and Maths workbooks really helpful for teaching and giving a better understanding of the various techniques in such a visual format. It makes it easier for children (and parents!) to understand and parents to explain rather than deciphering a paragraph of text. Keep up the good work!! close quote

J. Odetola, Tutor

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It is helpful in making children succeed in their 11+ and I think even not only 11+ but generally it helps them a lot in furthering their study skills. close quote

Jasmeet, Parent

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I always look forward to receiving your Spelling & Vocabulary books, since I am continuing to recommend them to my pupils (vocabulary being a huge issue for most children since the 'powers that be' wiped certain subjects off the curriculum and, with that, thousands of words). It beggars belief that highly intelligent children do not understand the simplest words 'grief', 'affectionate,' 'scowl,' 'monk' and 'nun' being just a few of them. Thank heavens for books like these. close quote

Lindsay, Tutor

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Now I know that I’ve got like a 90% chance of passing my 11+ and I could get into a good school and get a good job in the future. close quote

Luke, Aged 10

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Every topic is covered comprehensively … the material is really well suited. I would say the best. close quote

Margaret, Parent

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“A clear and concise format with good examples and straightforward steps to success” “ I received the book quickly and it lived up to my high expectations" “I would recommend buying through this vendor and recommend their wonderful resources. The book was great!” “Very thorough and full guide to Verbal Reasoning and how to approach the subject. An invaluable aid to anyone wanting to improve their verbal reasoning skills” close quote

Mr. Finnian Fitzpatrick, Mr. Finnian Fitzpatrick

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“Excellent book for children preparing for 11+ exams. The layout, contents and overall intent very well exceeded my expectations” “My daughter really enjoys working with the book series and there is no doubt in my mind that she will excel in her entrance exams and gain admission to a grammar school” close quote


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AE Publications books are terrific – my compliments to the author. As a tutor, but more significantly, as someone who’s been involved in writing, reviewing, editing and publishing five educational books, to get a book of this scope and complexity so very right is no small achievement. close quote

Ray Guyon, Tutor

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"This is the first of six books and it is really an excellent book for those who want to improve their story writing ideas." "I will certainly be purchasing further books in this series as creative writing is such a hard thing for some children to learn and this is one of the best workbooks I have come across to deal with this difficult (and so important) skill." close quote

S Riaz

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My favourite is maths because they give us a lot of methods to do in a subject, so if you get stuck on one method you can use the others. close quote

Tutti, Age 10

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I enjoy it because it’s easier to learn things with the techniques explained to you. close quote

Ukendar, Age 10

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