A child’s education is not a fad. Invest in a long-term plan now!

Date posted
15 Jan 2019

Long-term lifestyle changes are better than dieting, and this long-term approach is also the case for  children revising for exams.

Let’s start this blog off by saying happy new year! January is considered a fresh start by many of us. Goals are set and positive thinking and change are welcomed into our lives. A big change for a lot of people is dieting, but how many times have people followed an intense diet, lost a lot of weight very quickly and, months later, put it all back on again? We know the true way to keep weight off and be healthier is to change our lifestyle in the long-term.
This line of thought could be used for education. Too many pupils are cramming for months, weeks or even days before an exam. This might mean they pass the exam, but will the revision content stay in their minds for the long term?

Education is not just about passing exams! 

Building a strong foundation cannot happen overnight. Education is a sequence of learning; building a wealth of knowledge with no gaps. It can be very difficult to revise for a subject if this solid foundation has not been attained. Gaps in knowledge can lead to more confusion and mistakes in revision; your child might be revising and not even know there are errors or omissions in their revision material.

The year 6 SATs are five months away for a lot of children. Now is the time to invest in your child’s education beyond theses exams and best prepare them for secondary school transition. This is the perfect time for you to cement your child’s knowledge of all subjects and build their confidence in preparation for the exams.
How should you prepare your child?

We recommend using our maths and English workbooks and testbooks with your child over the coming months to embed the techniques for each topic, and gain plenty of practice to consolidate their learning. See more here

Nearer the exam, we recommend your child completes some SATs past papers. We do not publish these, but they can easily be downloaded from other websites. Your child’s results from these past papers will show which topics still need reinforcement.

We hope you have found this information useful and that it has helped give you a clear plan to aid your child with their SATs exams and future education. To find out more about our books, visit our online bookshop here www.aepublications.co.uk.

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