A message to year 5 parents who are preparing for the 11+ exam in lockdown

Date posted
14 May 2020

Our message to you is: Don’t stop! If your child is sitting the 11+ exam this autumn, they need your help now!

July is the earliest that year 5 children will return to school, with a chance they may not go back before the summer holiday. This makes it even harder for them to prepare themselves for the 11+ exam. Sitting the exam is not just about knowing the answers; you also need to make sure your child is mentally prepared. This is harder to do if they are not currently in a classroom environment.

Don’t stop learning
Many children are not receiving the level of academic support from their school that they would normally be given in the classroom. To make sure that parents have all the materials they need to support their child’s 11+ preparation, we’re offering 15% off ALL our single books. Visit our website and use the promo code parentsupport15 to benefit from great savings!

Now is the time to start testing
If you have used our workbooks, we recommend that you also use our testbooks to reinforce the techniques taught in the workbooks. The testbooks include short and mid-length tests, so are ideal for daily use or regular practice.

Single testbooks are included in the 15% discount offer, or you can purchase workbooks and testbooks together in a bundle. Either way, you’ll make a great saving! See our website here

Make sure your child practises exam questions
Spring is the ideal time for children to begin practising exam questions and, by doing so, identify gaps in their learning. This will give you plenty of time over the spring and summer months to revise topics with them where necessary and re-test.

Talk through and act out the exam environment
It is important to emotionally prepare your child for the exam environment. Ask them how they are feeling about the exam and take them through the stages of what to expect on the day. This will reassure them and build their confidence.

Replicating the exam environment is also important to boost your child’s confidence and improve their time management skills. Our testpacks are ideal to support this. Each testpack contains 4 practice papers which simulate the format and content of the exam papers and may be completed as standard or multiple-choice tests. Multiple-choice answer sheets are included for your child to familiarise themselves with before sitting the real exam, and answers are provided. You can view all our testpacks here:

Prepare a schedule to follow
Make sure you include 11+ preparation in your family timetable each week. Aim for one to two hours of preparation, five times a week. As well as preparing your child for their 11+ exam, you will also be providing an excellent level of home schooling which will benefit them when they are finally back in the classroom.

We are here for all 11+ parents. You have got this!