Frequently Asked Questions

We do not have past papers, but we recommend working through our testpacks, which contain exam style practice papers, after completing the workbooks and testbooks of that series.

All our books provide an excellent foundation for children sitting common entrance examinations in the independent sector and the 12+/13+ exam in the grammar system. Verbal reasoning techniques at 11+ through to 13+ do not vary, except in the level of difficulty. Our maths workbooks are suitable for preparing children for common entrance exams as they take children above the SATs national standard. The advanced level spelling & vocabulary workbooks (workbooks 8-12) also provide an excellent way of improving a child’s vocabulary and spelling.

CATs comprise verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and mathematical reasoning. Therefore, our verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and maths series are very useful for this kind of preparation. The timed testbooks and testpacks (short tests and practice papers) for each of these subject areas would be a useful addition and may be completed alongside the workbooks.