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AE Publications is passionate about education, beyond just preparing students for their 11+ exams. Our range of ‘how-to’ books are for children in the Primary and early Secondary school age groups

Our 'how-to' books help prepare your child for:

  • Centre for Evaluations and Monitoring (CEM) exams

  • Granada Learning (GL Assessment) exams

  • Consortium for Selective Schools in Essex (CSSE) exams

  • Northern Ireland Transfer Tests - Post Primary Transfer Consortium (PPTC) and Association for Quality Education (AQE) exams

AE Publications began developing learning resources in 1999 and specialises in preparing pupils for 11+ exams.

The founder of AE Publications, Dr Stephen Curran, started creating, developing and publishing his own ‘how-to’ material for use within his tuition classes. As the number of books grew he decided to publish them for wider use. There are now over 85 books in the range and these are constantly being improved to meet the needs of parents, tutors, children and changing exam board requirements. New books are continuously being added to the range to ensure that all 11+ preparation requirements are covered.

Dr Curran has many years’ teaching experience in both the primary and secondary sectors. He founded AE Tuition which runs 11+ courses for children in Mathematics, Verbal Activity, Non-verbal Reasoning, English and Science.

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Revision Tips

You only need to Google ‘revision tips’ in order to discover a plethora of advice on how to tackle revision and find strategies to help optimise what has been taught during lessons. Revision always involves a combination of memorisation and […]


Shakespeare’s enduring influence on the English language

23rd April 2017 marked 453 years since the birth of Britain’s most famous literary icon, William Shakespeare.  Shakespeare is considered by many to have been our nation’s greatest wordsmith, and his influence on the English language is still being felt today. […]

practice makes perfect

Does practice really make perfect?

As children develop and improve their cognitive abilities, they are expected to become less reliant on supervised learning and develop self-learning skills. Although there are some self-learning tools taught within education-psychology textbooks, educators are not always given the evidence  to […]

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